I am proud of my culture

Queerfest in St. Petersburg is a cultural festival, which raises issues of human rights, identities, gender, and sexuality. We are creating the space for learning more about ourselves, the society, and the world. We oppose xenophobia, sexism, discrimination, and violence.

«I am Proud of My Culture» is the theme of Queerfest 2018. Who are we: a tree without any roots, or a part of centuries-long resistance against artificial normalization of bodies, sexualities, and self-expression? How do we experience the intersection of LGBTI identities and our religions and traditions? What have we brought into culture, arts, science, sports? What is the impact of LGBTI communities into sexual liberation, emancipation, equality, and human rights?

Queerfest will take place on September 20-30 in St. Petersburg. If you are planning to come to the festival events and in need of translation from Russian to English, please contact Julia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will do our best to arrange the translation for you.

RU sign language interpretation and audio descriptive commentary will be provided at the events.


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